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Freedoms Foundation Military Essays Awards

Youth Leadership Conferences


Essay Contest


Youth Programs include the following:

1.Youth Leadership Conferences –National Sojourners offers a variety of Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) scholarships for rising high school juniors at both Freedoms Foundation – Valley Forge and at many regional sites nationwide in partnership with the Military Order of World Wars. The YLCs are designed to instill a sense of patriotism and enhance civic responsibility by “teaching young Americans about America.” Note that the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) has placed all National Sojourner sponsored Youth Leadership Conferences (YLCs) on its list of Approved Contests, Programs and Activities for Students.


The Spirit of America YLC Freedoms Foundation

Valley Forge

The Spirit of America YLC at Freedoms Foundation is a four-day conference which affords students an opportunity to interact with experts on citizenship, democracy, the free enterprise system, the judicial system, and the American political process. The program includes thought-provoking lectures; historical tours of Valley Forge and Philadelphia; and experiential workshops, all designed to develop leadership skills and deepen an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of engaged citizenship.

For more details on the Spirit of America YLC program refer to the informational trifold and student packet below:

 National Sojourners Trifold – 2018

Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge-Student-Packet-2018-fillable

        Chapter-Instructions-Freedoms Foundation Youth Leadership Conference-2018-fillable


Regional YLCs

Joint MOWW/National Sojourner Sponsored

Regional YLC attendees receive patriotic education, including elements of leadership needed to maintain a free society, concepts of a free enterprise system, and the founding principles upon which the US was built. Attendees develop an appreciation for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., and an awareness of the civic responsibilities associated with preserving rights and freedoms. Students also develop leadership and public speaking skills that help them be better citizens and future leaders. Typical YLCs locations are:

Contact your local NSI Chapter or NSI HQ, phone: 703-765-5000, for information on NSI sponsorship to Regional YLCs. Please provide a brief bio to include your name; age; contact information; high school grade and academic standing; overview of your extracurricular activities; and a brief explanation of why you desire to attend.


2. ROTC/JROTC Awards – The National Sojourners award recognizes cadets who meet the following: (1) Be a sophomore or junior; (2) be in the top 25% of the academic class; (3) have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed or conduct or both; (4) have demonstrated potential for outstanding leadership; and (5) have not previously received the award. The award consists of a ribbon with a medal pendant and a certificate.

See the National Sojourners ROTC Award For Americanism Information Sheet for award application details.

All award requests must be in writing. ROTC/JROTC Instructors may submit written requests for the award using the requestform.

Please send written request to your local chapter or to National Sojourners Inc, 7942R Cluny Court, Springfield, VA 22153-2810; fax: 703-765-8390; or email: hq@nationalsojourners.org.

Include the following information in the written request:

       -Name and address of school

       -Point of contact and contact information

       -Time, Date and Place of the event

       -Name of cadet, if available

Contact your local National Sojourners Chapter or the National Office for a Sojourner to attend your presentation event and present the award. Our representative would also be happy to deliver a Toast to the Flag at the opening of your presentation event.

Send pictures of the presentation with captions to the National Office, whenever possible, or to the local chapter.


3. Essay Contest – National Sojourners, Inc. conducts an annual National essay contest for high school students. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place include a plaque and cash prizes of $2000, $1000 and $500, respectively. Completed essays must be submitted through a local sponsoring chapter. Interested student applicants may contact the National Office to determine a point of contact for a nearby chapter as follows:

E-Mail: HQ@nationalsojourners.org

Phone: 703-765-5000


2018 Essay Contest Cover Sheet

Freedoms Foundation

Spirit of America Youth Conference

Since 1987, AMVETS and the AMVETS National Service Foundation have offered this unique educational experience at the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to give young people a better appreciation of their freedoms granted by the United States Constitution.

The Spirit of America Program is a four day conference centering on topics such as freedom, civil rights and civic responsibilities, citizenship, public policy, self-development and leadership, entrepreneurship and salient aspects of American history. Programs allow students to explore within themselves their interpersonal characteristics and leadership potential through leadership skills workshops, group skills activities, and discussions with fellow participants. Programs are designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in discussions with authoritative and articulate representatives from government, industry, and the academic community.

First place department winners of the 9th grade AMVETS National Americanism Essay contest receive an all-expense paid trip to the seminar. Sponsorship is for the student only, not for accompanying parents or guardians. Students are met at the Philadelphia airport by chaperones and are monitored throughout the four day conference and returned to the Philadelphia airport.

If departments do not conduct such a contest, department leadership may select one deserving student to represent their respective states and still benefit from the NSF sponsorship. Students selected must be 10th through 12th graders with exemplary conduct.

All posts and departments are encouraged to sponsor, at their own expense, additional students. Names and addresses of 9th grade essay winners and other deserving students must reach the National Programs Department by 31 August.

The conference dates are always the same. The first Thursday in November through the following Sunday. (4 days)

Freedoms Foundation Promotional Flyer


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